Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs - 24 Logs - 24kg
Pinewood Fuels Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs Infographic
Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs
Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs
Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs
Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs

Pini Kay Eco Heat Logs

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Are you looking for a powerful eco heat log that will keep up the heat without harming the environment? Look no further than Pini Kay eco heat logs.

Pini Kay logs deliver a bright, long-lasting burn and are made of pure hardwood sawdust. These heat logs also minimise the amount of smoke and ash left behind. So, you’ll have to deal with less mess and less harmful chemicals during burning and afterwards. You can use them with chimeneas, open fire pits, woodburning stoves and open fireplaces.

  • Long-lasting burn of 2-3 hours when covered,
  • 24 logs per 24kg box,
  • No splitting, sparking or expanding,
  • Extra-low moisture content for a quick burn and minimal smoke,
  • 100% organic hardwood,
  • Provides up to 5.1 kWh of heat per KG.
  • Clean, sustainable and effortless to tidy up.
  • Ready to Burn Certified
Pini Kay Eco Logs

Why use Pini Kay Eco Logs?

Pini Kay heat logs are some of the best value briquettes on the market. Not only do they provide a long, intense burn, but their compact size makes them suitable for all kinds of open fires. As well as this, Pini Kay logs don’t expand during burning. Whether you’re warming up a stove, oven or fireplace, these logs will stay in place.

Quick to light, designed to burn for long periods, and sure to stay in place, Pini Kay heat logs offer reliable heat whenever you need it. The hole through the centre of these logs helps to keep air flowing through the wood for a more consistent temperature. For a robust and sustainable burn without compromise, pick Pini Kay.

Pinewood Fuel’s Pini Kay Eco Logs provide a reliable solution for lighting all kinds of open fires and woodburning stoves in an environmentally sustainable manner, from sourcing to burning, leaving almost no trace of the burning process behind.

In light of this, why is Pini Kay such an exceptional heat log? And why should you include it in your collection?

What makes this heat log different?

Each Pini Kay Eco log provides a bright, warming, powerful burn that can last up to 2-3 hours, making your fire burning experience more manageable, more convenient, and 100% stress-free!

In contrast to other heat logs, Pini Kay Heat Logs maintain their compact shape during burning, not splitting, igniting, or expanding, saving you plenty of fire burning space when you add other woodfuels.

With Pini Kay Eco Logs, you no longer need to waste time rearranging your fire; ignite and enjoy the warm glow of the flame in no time! While entertaining, cooking, or watching a movie, we all want to enjoy the fire crackling in the background.

The extra time you’d have to spend rearranging logs that fall out of place makes your fire far less consistent and reliable, and getting up repeatedly to tend to your fire might seem like an extra chore you’d rather not waste.

This type of log also burns rapidly due to its extra-low moisture content of under 9%, and they produce minimal smoke to keep your fire burners clean and healthy and ensure the safety of the environment.

What’s in a Pini Kay log?

Pini Kay Eco Logs by Pinewood Fuel are made from pure, 100% natural, and chemical-free hardwood sawdust sourced sustainably and with an eye for what’s best for the environment.

In addition to producing minimal smoke due to its low moisture content, this type of sawdust also leaves almost no ash behind, making it an excellent choice for fires as easy to clean up as they are to burn.

Our world needs to merge efficiency and sustainability, and this new product can meet those challenges.

Where can I use these logs?

Our eco-friendly fireplace logs are perfect for open fires and fireplaces with limited space because these logs won’t split, spark, or expand, so they deliver always reliable heat without fuss. However, these Pini Kay logs can be used with all types of chimeneas, outdoor fire pits, indoor fire stoves and open fireplaces.

Because these heat logs are organic with no nasty chemicals, you can use these heat logs in a pizza oven or barbeque too. We recommend breaking them down into smaller chunks to reach your optimal cooking temperature.

In addition to this, when extinguishing their flames, they leave minimal ash, ensuring easier to clean stoves and fire pits since they don’t leave a lot of mess, only heat.

How many logs are in each box?

Our Pini Kay Wood Briquettes come in easy-to-handle 24 pack sizes, making them incredibly compact and easy to store. Each box is around 24 kilograms, providing enough firewood for 48 hours or a weekend for one fire.

Stackable, portable, and easy to move around the house, these briquettes are perfect for your last summer campfire. Measuring roughly 2.5 x 2.5 x 10 inches, you’ll have tons of room around the house for these briquettes.

Ready to Burn Certified

Pinewood Fuels are Ready to Burn Certified for Pini Kay Logs. This means that our Pini Kay Logs have been independently tested and meets the schemes regulations of having a moisture content of less than 20%.


Ensure that your fireplace has been swept, We have put together a helpful guide for when a thorough clean is required.


Build a Jenga style structure using kiln dried kindling in your fireplace. Depending on your fireplace size, you should only need 6 to 8 pieces of kindling. Pinewood Fuels can supply Kiln Dried Kindling in 2.5kg sized nets. The kindling is pre-cut and has a low moisture content which aids quick and easy lighting.


Using a firelighter of your choice, place this in the middle of your kindling.


Our USB Rechargeable Lighter is perfect for lighting your firelighter. Once lit, wait until the kindling starts to burn before topping up your fire. 



All our Heat Logs can be broken by hand. We recommend breaking 1 log initially into 3 pieces to start your fire. Place the broken log on top of the burning kindling. Don’t forget to wear Heat Resistant Gloves when adding more logs.


It’s really important to remember that the heat logs will expand and almost double in size when burning. For your average sized Log Burner, we would recommend that you always break your logs in half before carefully adding to the fire. Add gradually to avoid overloading your Log Burner.


L - 250mm

W - 70mm

Weight - 0.99kg

All dimensions are per log, and are approximates which may vary.

Materials Compressed mixed wood sawdust log
Care Guide Ensure logs are stored away from open flames, and are kept away from any sources of moisture. Always be safe when working with fire.