Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles
Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles
Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles
Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles
Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles
Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles

Natural Felt Storage Basket with Ash Wood Handles

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Our Natural Felt Storage Basket is designed to be versatile open storage, suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

The Round Felt Storage Bag features Ash Wood handles and a handy front pocket.

The colour is a natural beige or dark cream

Available in small, medium or large.


  • Stylish and practical, 
  • Sturdy felt construction which is 5mm thick,
  • Fire-retardant coating on felt,
  • Removeable Ash Wood handles,
  • Front Pocket,
  • The largest of baskets can carry a load of over 10kg in weight.

What sizes are available?

There are 3 sizes to choose from :

  • The small round felt basket has a diameter of 310mm,
  • The medium round felt basket has a diameter of 370mm,
  • The large round felt basket has a diameter of 410mm.


What can I use the baskets for?

The baskets are the perfect pairing for our wood fuels, therefore the felt material is coated in a fire-retardant compound and can hold over 10kg’s worth of logs, great for transporting your kindling, logs or briquettes through your home. As the baskets range in size from small, medium to large, they are perfect for holding and storing all your wood fuels in a stylish contemporary way.

However, although the baskets are suitable for those who have indoor log burners or wood stoves, they are also ideal additions to any room in the house as a tasteful storage solution such as...

Children's Toy Storage

The sturdy baskets look great in children's bedrooms and are perfect for hiding away  toys from Lego, books, cars, dolls, cuddly toys, to odds and ends.

With the 3 different sizes, they look decorative whilst also being practical.




Bathroom Storage

The small wood handled baskets are just the right size for holding the bathroom toilet rolls. 

The medium and large baskets are great solutions for storing the bathroom towels and toiletries.




 Living Room Storage

The baskets look really at home in the living room and are the ultimate solution for tidying away your winter throws and blankets. 

The small basket will hold your magazines and books with a  handy pocket on the front being just the right size for reading glasses. 



Dog Toy Basket

The felt basket is great for storing your dog toys. The open and soft designs means that your beloved pooch can easily access their toys and not cause any damage to furniture or flooring if they drag their basket around whilst playing.




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    Warranty 1 Year Warranty provided from date of purchase

    Small Basket - H 285mm x W 310mm x D 310mm

    Medium Basket - H 330mm x W 370mm x D 370mm

    Large Basket - H 370mm x W 410mm x D 410mm

    All dimensions are per basket, and are approximate which may vary. 

    Materials Felt and Natural Wood
    Care Guide

    Do not soak. Clean using a damp cloth.

    This product has been treated with a fire retardant*

    Please keep away from fire and naked flames.

    *phosphorus and nitrogen compounds