Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
Kiln Dried Wood Kindling

Kiln Dried Wood Kindling

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Our kiln dried wood for Kindling is perfect for starting a fire. Because they are kiln-dried for low moisture content and small in size, they are excellent for building a complete, heat-producing fire. Our Kindling is pre-cut to a uniform length for consistent results and is available in 2.5 kg net bags but comes in a cardboard box. Use our for lighting indoor and outdoor fires, including home fireplaces, fire pits, wood stoves, grills, pizza ovens, and campfires.

  • Low moisture content for easy igniting
  • Pre-cut for faster use
  • Provided in simple to store nets
  • 100% organic kindling wood with no additives
  • Sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Ready to Burn Certified

Why is the Kindling Kiln Dried?

Kiln Dried Wood Kindling
The process of kiln drying is when the dry wood artificially within a kiln ensures that any moisture left in the wood is removed and at its most effective use. Kindling is technically anything that you use to help get a fire started. It could be old newspaper or dried leaves and twigs, but we think our kiln dried Kindling is the most efficient material to use as it's a perfect fit for that purpose. You need to add Kindling to your fire to help ignite your logs and chunkier wood.

Firelighters vs Kindling

A firelighter will provide a flame, but the Kindling burns long enough and covers enough space to pass that flame onto your wood fuels. If you didn’t use Kindling, you might find yourself using lots more firelighters and spending a lot more time than you need trying to get your fire started. So basically, Kindling saves you time and effort and can be more economical.

By using natural wood kindling, you don’t have to worry about collecting and drying other wood sources, a process that can take months. Unlike newspaper, our Kindling will stay alight for a more extended period, and because it is a consistent size and shape, it is easy to stack, meaning you can ensure the flames reach all the fuel and give an efficient burn.

Using kiln dried wood fuel is an effortless way to help get your fire started, but how should you store it once it arrives to keep it in the best condition all year round.

Storing your kindling wood

When ready to use Kindling, remove some from the net or the wood store and transfer to a kindling bucket or basket. You can transport this next to the fireplace or wood burner, and your Kindling is conveniently nearby when you want to build your subsequent fire. It also helps contain any dust or dirt that falls off the Kindling, so you have less sweeping to do. You can also store Kindling in large plastic containers or bins in your wood store and prevents it from being exposed to the elements. Just be careful to keep it dry. Our Kindling is kiln-dried, so make sure you don’t reduce its efficiency by allowing it to get damp.

Ready to Burn Certified

Pinewood Fuels are Ready to Burn Certified for Kiln Dried Kindling. This means that our Kindling has been independently tested and meets the schemes regulations of having a moisture content of less than 20%.

Ready To Burn Certificate



L -  430mm

W - 185mm

D - 165mm

Weight - 2.5kg (+/-7%)

All dimensions are per net, and are approximates which may vary. 

Materials Kiln-dried wood kindling
Care Guide Ensure kindling is stored away from open flames, and keep away from any sources of moisture. Always be safe when working with fire.