Pinewood Fuels Eco Heat Logs - 10 Logs - 20kg Box
Hardwood Heat Logs x 10 (20kg)
Hardwood Heat Logs x 10 (20kg)
Hardwood Heat Logs x 10 (20kg)
Hardwood Heat Logs x 10 (20kg)
Hardwood Heat Logs x 10 (20kg)

Hardwood Heat Logs x 10 (20kg)

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Are you looking for an efficient, reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional firewood products? If so, then our eco heat logs are the answer. Our eco wood logs are made of compressed wood sawdust sourced from sustainably managed trees.

The dried material used in eco heat logs ensures that moisture content remains low from creation through to usage. Because of this dryness, our eco heat logs can produce an intense amount of heat sustained over a more extended period than traditional firewood. You can easily use them with wood stoves, pizza ovens, chimeneas and more.

  • Suitable for all types of fire pits, stoves and wood burners,
  • 10 logs per 20kg box,
  • Easy to light and keep burning,
  • 2-3 hour burn time per eco log,
  • Easily broken by hand without the need for tools,
  • Uniform shape and size ensures that they are easy to store away anywhere,
  • Safe to use with DEFRA approved wood burners,
  • Lower smoke emissions than other traditional fire logs.
  • Each Log has a moisture content of approx. 9%
  • Ready to Burn Certified

eco Heat Logs

Why use eco heat logs?

Eco logs offer a much more efficient alternative to traditional firewood options due to their design and composition. Being made from compressed mixed wood, they are 100% natural and free from chemicals. Because they are organic, they are perfect for use in any fireplace or wood burner without the worry of damaging smoke. Additionally, because of their sawdust composition, they are created and remain relatively free from moisture throughout their life (just 8% moisture content). Meaning, they will not be compromised by mould or dampness, even if you store them away for use later.

How long do they burn?

Our eco heat logs have a continuous hole through the centre to allow air to flow. This opening ensures that they will burn at the optimum temperature for more extended periods than traditional firewood. Due to this design, you can expect one single eco log to burn for 2-3 hours, with a very high heat output of 5.1 kWh / per kg. Our eco heat logs are available in 20 kg boxes which is 10 logs, enough for around 20-30 hours of burn time. Each log is 26cm x 9.3cm x 9.3cm but can be broken down very easily by hand.

Where can I use Eco-friendly firewood?

Eco Eco Logs

You can use these eco logs in any open fireplace, wood stove or firepit, as all our heat logs come from trees in sustainably managed forests and use no glues or additives. And, because they are organically made from sawdust alone, your wood burners are protected from harmful waste materials when using our eco heat logs. Although they create similar low amounts of smoke like our Pini Kay heat logs, our eco logs are larger, burn much faster, and generate more heat. These features mean they are more suitable for more extensive outdoor open fires or large open fireplaces. You can also use our eco logs in pizza ovens or barbeques, although they will need breaking down to control heat intensity.


Ready to Burn Certified

Pinewood Fuels are Ready to Burn Certified for Eco Heat Logs. This means that our Eco Heat Logs have been independently tested and meets the schemes regulations of having a moisture content of less than 20%.

Ready to Burn Certificate - Eco Heat Logs



Ensure that your fireplace has been swept, We have put together a helpful guide for when a thorough clean is required.


Build a Jenga style structure using kiln dried kindling in your fireplace. Depending on your fireplace size, you should only need 6 to 8 pieces of kindling. Pinewood Fuels can supply Kiln Dried Kindling in 2.5kg sized nets. The kindling is pre-cut and has a low moisture content which aids quick and easy lighting.


Using a firelighter of your choice, place this in the middle of your kindling.


Our USB Rechargeable Lighter is perfect for lighting your firelighter. Once lit, wait until the kindling starts to burn before topping up your fire. 



All our Heat Logs can be broken by hand. We recommend breaking 1 log initially into 3 pieces to start your fire. Place the broken log on top of the burning kindling. Don’t forget to wear Heat Resistant Gloves when adding more logs.


It’s really important to remember that the heat logs will expand and almost double in size when burning. For your average sized Log Burner, we would recommend that you always break your logs in half before carefully adding to the fire. Add gradually to avoid overloading your Log Burner.


L -  260mm

W - 93mm

Weight - 2kg 

All dimensions are per log, and are approximate which may vary. 

Materials Compressed birch wood saw dust log
Care Guide Ensure logs are stored away from open flames, and kept away from any sources of moisture. Always be safe when working with fire.