Spec & Care- Felt Baskets

 SKU PWF-0150, PWF-0151, PWF-0152, PWF-0153, PWF-0154, 0192-PW, 0193-PW, 0194-PW, 0195-PW, 0196-PW, 0197-PW, 0198-PW, 0199-PW, 0200-PW, 0201-PW, 0202-PW, 0203-PW, 0204-PW, 0205-PW, 0206-PW
Warranty 1 Year Warranty provided from date of purchase

Small Basket - H 285mm x W 310mm x D 310mm

Medium Basket - H 330mm x W 370mm x D 370mm

Large Basket - H 370mm x W 410mm x D 410mm

All dimensions are per basket, and are approximate which may vary. 

Materials Felt and Natural Wood
Care Guide

Do not soak. Clean using a damp cloth.

This product has been treated with a fire retardant*

Please keep away from fire and naked flames.

*phosphorus and nitrogen compounds