6 products

6 products

Eco Heat Logs by Pinewood Fuels

For efficient and sustainable eco heat logs, try our range of firewood products at Pinewood Fuels. All our eco heat log products are from sustainably managed forests to protect the environment.

We design our range of firewood products to ensure they burn at the optimum temperature over an extended period meaning you can keep your fire warm and cosy for longer without any need to intervene.

In addition, our products are easy to use and compact enough to store anywhere you need them. So here is the selection of eco heat logs that we have on offer right now.

Benefits of Using Our Eco Heat Logs

We have designed our eco log products to offer you the most efficient heating for your money. To deliver the best firewood, we vigorously test all our heat logs to ensure they:

  • Burn at the best temperatures over extended periods with all our products,
  • Break up quickly without tools, and they are all consistent in both shape and size.
  • They are easy to handle and store in any location.
  • Remain essentially moisture-free when stored away for many years, which will prevent them from spoiling.
  • Are sourced sustainably managed forests, so there is no environmental damage when using our firewood and that trees will remain for future generations.