How to Store Kiln Dried Kindling

Using kiln dried wood tinder is a very simple way to help get your fire started, but how should you store it once it arrives to keep it in the best condition all year round.

Stack in the Wood Store

Utilise the gaps between the logs in your wood store to hold kindling. This helps to keep it dry but it does mean you’ll need to take it out of the handy 2.5kg sized nets.

Stack in a Container

When you are ready to use kindling, remove some from the net or the wood store and transfer to a kindling bucket or basket. You can transport this so it is next to the fireplace or wood burner, and your kindling is conveniently nearby when you want to build your next fire. It also helps contain any dust or dirt that falls off the kindling, so you have less sweeping to do.

You can also store kindling in large plastic containers or bins in your wood store. This prevents it being exposed to the elements. Just be careful to keep it dry. Our Kindling is kiln-dried so make sure you don’t reduce its efficiency by allowing it to get damp.

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