What Are Firelighters Made Of?

What do you think of when you hear the word firelighters?

For some it is the old-fashioned white chemical blocks that we used to have next to the fire. These are usually made of kerosene with a resin binder, or a combination of other chemicals that burn with a high heat for a short time, designed to catch your kindling alight. As you may expect, this sort of firelighter has toxic elements that cause problems if ingested. They can also leave a chemical smell or after taste to food cooked over a flame.

The alternative is natural wood firelighters. These are made from compressed wood shavings into a compact cylindrical shape. To help them stay in place they are covered with a thin film of paraffin wax, another natural substance. They are really easy to light and can stay lit for up to 10 mins, so you have plenty of time to get that kindling alight. Because they are natural you don’t get that chemical taste and smell, and they are much safer to have around the house, particularly if you have inquisitive pets or children.

Here at Pinewood Fuels we source all our products from sustainably managed forests so you can be sure that your firelighters are better for the environment as well as being better for you.