Staying Safe Around Open Fires

There’s something special about relaxing in front of a blazing fire on a chilly evening. It’s cosy, comforting and perfect for cuddling. But how do you make sure you keep your loved ones, and yourself, safe?

Use Helpful Tools

Making sure you use helpful safety tools is always essential when protecting yourself from the heat. Heat resistant gloves are a great tool for safely tending to your fire, wood burner, BBQ, oven, fire pit etc. And don't forget to use your USB rechargeable lighter to light your fire, with its extra long handle meaning you are farther away from the ignition, therefore always safer.

Use A Guard

Having a guard around a fire is a good way to prevent kids and pets from getting too close. It can also help stop sparks from popping wood getting out onto your carpet. Many fire guards are highly decorative as well as functional so you’re bound to find something that suits your décor. If you don’t use a guard make sure you monitor children and pets carefully so they don’t get too close.

Store Fuels Safely 

Make sure your wood fuels, lighters, kindling etc., are stored in a safe way. Inquisitive hands and mouths (we’re talking about the kids and pets again) may become poorly if they start to explore some of these items. You also want your flammable items far enough away so that any stray sparks don’t accidentally ignite them.

Take Care With Decorations 

A decorated fireplace and mantle can look gorgeous, especially at Christmas. However, make sure any decorations are fireproof and don’t hang too close to the fire. It’s not just the flames and sparks that can be problematic, some decorations like candles and fake flowers may start to melt if they are too close to the fire. Be wary of having electrical items such as phones and laptops too close as well as the heat may damage their workings.

Costume Caution

If you’re cosying up next to the fire just be careful that any loose clothing like dressing gowns, scarves, long flowing skirts, don’t accidentally brush too close. This is really important if your kids are fans of dressing up. Because kids costumes are classed as toys rather than clothing, they don’t have to meet the same strict regulations and there have been some well-reported tragic cases.

End It Right

Finally, make sure you extinguish your open fire completely before turning in for the night. Whereas log burners and stoves are designed to remain warm, especially when using our long burn Pini Kay logs, leaving open fires unattended is not recommended. Make sure you have fully extinguished the fire and dowsed or removed any hot ashes before you turn in.