6 Must Know Tips: How To Light Firewood Heat Logs



How to light firewood heat logs

Build A Fire QuickStart Guide

  • Create a kindling stack leaving space for airflow
  • Add firelighters, a few carefully placed pieces
  • Select your Heat Log of choice & break the Log into chunks
  • Stack the Heat Log on the kindling bed
  • Ignite the firelighters (we recommend one of our superb flameless lighters)
  • Get warm and cosy…….

Here's the slightly more comprehensive version of how to build your fire

The Fuel

Compressed wood fire logs are a very popular alternative fuel source now on the market. The production process results in an extremely efficient fuel that offers a long burn time along with a high heat output. With a low moisture content as part of the fuel makeup, it makes them really simple to light. Follow our guide below

The Prep

When you start to build your fire, begin with a small layer of kindling stacked in the base of your grate. A criss cross arrangement works best, making sure that each piece is touching but also to leave space for the air to circulate through.

As a tip to assist the start & burning process, you can place a bunch of scrunched up pieces of newspaper or similar underneath the great or kindling, this will help to ignite the kindling quicker and also prevent the wood from shifting when being burnt. This isn't an essential part though, so no need to raid the paper rack and upset grandad.

Your next step is to pick your firelog and break it into pieces, 2 or 3 chunks should be fine and this can actually be done by hand as they are quite breakable.

The heat log chunks will expand as they burn, so depending on the size of your burner or fireplace, decide how many you need and lay them gently on top of the kindling ready.

Again place these so each piece is touching but not too closely stacked together.

Remember, don’t add too many log chunks at once, it's much easier to add more rather than trying to remove any burning logs.

The Burn

Once your fire prep is complete pop a couple of natural wood firelighters into the middle of the kindling and then use your flameless lighter to ignite them. The firelighters will be the catalyst to start your fire. Once they have caught alight, they will intern catch the kindling & paper alight which, in turn, will carry the flame onto your fire logs for them to do their work.

It’s that easy!

Now head over to our HeatLog page and get stocked up for the season..After a few cosy fires, you’ll be an expert in the art.

Take a look at the super short video below for a step by step process on building a fire;


Heat Log Fire FAQ ‘s

Q. Are They Easy To Light?

  • Yes, due to being very low in moisture (below 9%) they ignite much faster.

Q. Do I Need Kindling?

  • In short, yes. A low moisture, good quality Kiln Dried Kindling is ideal when using your Heat Logs. This ensures a good burning foundation for your fuels.

Q. Do They Burn With High Heat?

  • Yes, they are constructed with compressed hardwood so have a high burn temperature.

Q. How Much Smoke Should I expect?

  • All our Heat Logs have a very low moisture content, so any smoke output will be very minimal.The logs also burn completely so leave very little ash too.

Heres our video of how to light your fire step by step.