How To Light Firewood Heat Logs

Pinewood Fuels’ compressed wood fire logs are ideal if you want a fuel source that gives a long burn time and a high heat output. And, because of their low moisture content, they are really easy to light.

We have put together a step-by-step guide on how to light your Wood Stove or Log Burner using any of Pinewood Fuels Heat Logs.

Step 1

Ensure that your fireplace has been swept, We have put together a helpful guide for when a thorough clean is required.

Step 2

Build a Jenga style structure using kiln dried kindling in your fireplace. Depending on your fireplace size, you should only need 6 to 8 pieces of kindling. Pinewood Fuels can supply Kiln Dried Kindling in 2.5kg sized nets. The kindling is pre-cut and has a low moisture content which aids quick and easy lighting.

Step 3

Using a firelighter of your choice, place this in the middle of your kindling.

Step 4

Our USB Rechargeable Lighter is perfect for lighting your firelighter. Once lit, wait until the kindling starts to burn before topping up your fire. 


Step 5

All our Heat Logs can be broken by hand. We recommend breaking 1 log initially into 3 pieces to start your fire. Place the broken log on top of the burning kindling. Don’t forget to wear Heat Resistant Gloves  when adding more logs.

Important Information

It’s really important to remember that the heat logs will expand and almost double in size when burning. For your average sized Log Burner, we would recommend that you always break your logs in half before carefully adding to the fire. Add gradually to avoid overloading your Log Burner.