Our New Cast Iron Frying Pan

Cook in style with this stylish 10-sided cast iron skillet pan. This heavy-weight, durable pan has an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to lift, and the unique shape means it is easy to pour away excess oil or to transfer ingredients to plates and other pans.

Why Use A Cast Iron Pan?

Cast iron pots and pans are great for cooking with because of the high heat they are able to withstand. Once hot, a cast iron skillet will maintain a constant temperature across the whole cooking surface, unlike aluminium or stainless steel pans which can develop hot spots.

If you look after your pan well, it will reward you for years to come. Plus, it will also give you a great flavour to your food because of the seasoning you apply to the metal.

Are There Any Tips For Cooking With Cast Iron?

If you search the internet for cooking with cast iron pans you’ll see a variety of hints, tips and myths. To make it more simple, here are our top tips for using a cast-iron skillet.

  1. Even pre-seasoned pans benefit from extra seasoning before use.
  2. Don’t use bleach or put them in the dishwasher, but mild washing-up detergent is fine.
  3. If your pans look over dry, add a teaspoon of neutral oil (e.g. flaxseed) and rub it in well.
  4. If you see black flakes this can be a layer of polymerized fat coming off during cooking, not metal. Its a common problem for over-oiled pans.
  5. Use soft brushes for cleaning, but stay away from metal scrapers.
  6. Use paper towels to separate pans in storage so all damp is absorbed and your pan won’t rust.
  7. Don’t add food to a cold pan, it will stick. Always let your pan warm up first.
  8. Cast iron naturally heats up at different rates across the pan so let it warm up fully before use.

What Hobs Can I Use This Pan On?

This pan is heavy and weighs around 3.2kg when empty. It is ideal to cook outdoors using a barbeque or fire pit or brilliant for use on gas hobs. However, we don’t recommend it for ceramic or electric hobs.