Are Firelighters Toxic To Dogs?

The short and simple answer to this question is Yes!

If you are using firelighter blocks, they often include hydrocarbons like kerosene or white spirit. These can cause breathing difficulties in dogs (and other pets). Our natural wood firelighters should also be kept our reach from inquisitive canines. They have a coating of paraffin wax to help hold them together and, whilst this is a natural substance, it can cause vomiting if ingested.

The easiest way to prevent your four-legged friend getting their paws on anything potentially toxic is to make sure it is stored away safely in a secure, chew-proof box. Also remember to take care around barbeques, firepits, chimineas and pizza ovens – if you are relaxing outdoors with food and drink your dog can be on the lookout for titbits and mistakenly grab a firelighter.

If your dog does eat a firelighter it is best to call your vet as soon as you can to seek appropriate advice.

Whenever working with fires, it is always best practice to keep any and all fire lighting utensils safely out of reach for pets or children. For safe storage of all your firewood and kindling, why not check out our felt storage baskets

And don't forget to protect yourself with our heat resistant gloves and USB rechargeable lighters