We Answer Your Heat Log Questions

Everything you need to know about our Heat Logs can be found here. If your questions hasn't been answered, please email us at hello@pinewoodfuels.co.uk where we will be more than happy to help! 

What are Heat Logs?

Heat Logs are a much more effective alternative to traditional firewood. Because of the dried materials that the logs are made from, this ensures a very low moisture content and the ability to produce a high heat sustained burn.

What are Heat Logs made of?

Heat Logs are made from compressed hardwood shavings that has been formed into a cylindrical shape with a continuous hole through the centre of the log. This allows air to flow through the centre and helps ensure that they will burn at the optimum temperature needed for a warm and cosy fire. In addition, this design ensures the log will burn consistently for much longer.

How do I use Heat Logs?

Heat Logs are easy to use. You build your fire in the same way as you would with other types of logs, but because these logs expand as they burn, you should always break them into smaller chunks before you use them. Don’t worry, they break easily, and you can do it with your bare hands, no tools required.

Where can I use Heat Logs?

Heat Logs can be used in lots of different appliances, such as log burners, wood stoves, BBQ’s, open hearths, chimineas, pizza ovens etc. As they expand when they burn, always be sure to break them into smaller chunks as its easier to add more than remove.

How long does a Heat Log burn for?

Because of the low moisture content, our Heat Logs can burn for up to 3 hours per log dependent on the environment and airflow. 

Why use Heat Logs?

Heat Logs are an effective alternative to traditional firewood. Being made from compressed wood, they remain relatively free from moisture throughout their life. This ensures they will not be compromised by mould or dampness, even if you store them away for use later.

Each log is sourced from trees in sustainably managed forests. This helps ensure there is no ongoing damage to the environment when making or using these logs, as well as maintaining a sustainable future for our forests.

Do Heat Logs smoke?

As our Heat Logs have a very low moisture content, the smoke outputs will be very minimal. This will ensure that post- burn soot and debris is minimal because the logs burn completely and leave very little ash. It can be as little as 3% and the ash can be used in the garden to enrich the soil and even protect delicate plants.

Do you need Kindling with Heat Logs?

In short, yes. Low moisture, good quality Kiln Dried Kindling is ideal when using your Heat Logs. This ensures a good burning foundation for your fuels.

Can you use Heat Logs in a firepit?

Yes, you can. Simply build your fire using kindling, a firelighter and then place your Heat Logs on top. Heat Logs work really well in a fire pit, they will burn bright and keep everybody warm whilst keeping the smoke to a minimum.