The Most Popular Wood Fuel Questions

What is your wood made from?

At Pinewood Fuels, we will always ensure that our wood fuel products are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Please see below exactly what goes into our products:

Our wood fuel products are chemical-free and boast very low moisture contents ensuring optimum burning.

Can your wood be used in DEFRA approved appliances?

Our wood fuel products can be used in DEFRA (Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) Approved Stoves.

How should I store my wood?

Because all our wood products are very low in moisture content to ensure heat output, all our wood fuel products must be kept away from moisture. The ideal location would be somewhere cool, away from any form of moisture and with good air circulation, such as inside the home, garage, or a dry shed.

Can I order wood fuel in bulk?

Whether you’re looking to stock up for winter or want to benefit from discounted prices with a large quantity order, we can arrange that for you. If you can please email us with what wood you would like, how much and your address to we will get back to you with a bespoke quote.